Account Bar is in the wrong “Group” order

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I am a longtime user of Quicken Windows, currently version RS2.33. I'm using Quicken Classic Business & Personal running on Windows 11. I have five active Quicken files (four businesses plus personal). Here's my problem

Historically, Quicken has displayed the account bar on the lefthand side of the screen with Banking account group first followed by Invoices followed by Property & Debt. This is a good ordering for me because most of my transactions involve the Banking accounts which appear at the top.

However, all of a sudden, one of my Quicken files is displaying the account bar in the reverse order with the Banking account group at the very bottom. Since this particular Quicken file has a large number of asset and liability accounts under the Property & Debt group, the Banking accounts are no visible in the Account Bar unless I scroll down to the bottom, which is inconvenient. This problem occurs only with this one Quicken file, not with my other four Quicken files.

I have tried Validate and Deep Validate and neither report any errors with the file in question.

Is there some way that I can change the Account Bar sequence so that the Banking group comes first? I seem to be able to reorder accounts within each group, but I have not found any way to change the order of the groups themselves. I hope someone here can help me. Thanks! —Mike



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    On the account bar, right click where it says “All Transactions “. You will then see a list, check rearrange accounts.

    To the right of each group you will see : Clicking on the two dots will then allow you to move the group up and down.

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