Is there a fix for the Bill & Income Reminders All-By Month Screen?


I am using the Bill & Income Reminders view on a Home view.

When I choose to show "All - by month" it shows all. However, when I click "enter" for a deposit or bill, the list resets and doesn't show all of the bills that are due in a month even though "show all by month" is still showing (it looks like it randomly chooses things that are due with no pattern of what it chooses).
I have found that if I click on another view (such as "Next 14 days") and then back on "All - by month" it will go back to the view that it should be giving me, but after clicking enter after another bill it resets again to not show all of the bills…Any help would be appreciated. The longer list is before I click "enter" and the short list is what shows up immediately after.

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