How to show Withdraw transactions in report (edit)

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When I transfer funds out of my Fidelity brokerage account, those transactions are designated as “Withdraw” when downloading into Quicken from the Fidelity brokerage account. When I write a Report to capture those transactions, there is no “Withdraw” listed in the Action column that will allow me to list them in the report. How do I get the “Withdraw” action listed in my report?


  • bmciance
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    I think the issue is that the Withdraw action (as opposed to Withdrawx) requires a category. So to select these transactions what I did was select all actions and select the category of this withdrawal which happens to be another account (transfer). Assuming you transfered it to your checking account you should select your checking account as the category in the report and you should get those transactions. The funny part is that once you get them even though you entered them as Withdraw, they show up in the report as Withdrawx. BUT they don't show up if you select Withdrawx in the report.

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