How to Log Treasuries in Quicken

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I'm on VR44.23 for Windows (I have not updated, as a matter of fact, I had to roll back my version because my banking information would not upload in my past version) and I just bought Treasuries. I see in my ledger, when I go to ACTION, the only option is 'BuyBonds'. Of course, I do have my Bought and Sold and all other options but nothing related to Treasuries. Do I use the BuyBonds options or has someone done something else? Thank you


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    Technically you can use either Bonds Bought or Buy - Shares Bought but it depends on the type of Treasury you bought and whether it is a new Treasury or an existing Treasury where you paid accrued interest when you bought it. That said, Bonds Bought will work whether you paid accrued interest or not so you may just want to use that one.

    The other issue, if you have not purchased bonds before. Quicken shows them a little different. One bond is usually in increments of $1,000. So if you buy 5 bonds it would be $5,000. In Quicken it would actually be recorded as 50 bonds because the price would be $100, not $1,000. If you only enter it as 5 and the price is shown when you update as $100 it will only show a value of $500 rather than $5,000.

    Also be careful if these are Treasury Bills as those don't pay Semi-Annual interest like Bonds and Notes. They are bought at a discount and then when they mature you get the "face" value. The difference between that and what you paid is the interest.

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    Thank you; great information! They are new and yes, I did buy at a discount and will get face value in 3 months. I did see on 'Entering Transactions' under 'Bonds Bought', it had 'Number of Bonds' and then 'Price'. Next to Price, it shows (base 100); I did not understand that but thank you for the breakdown.

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