QWIN Register Columns Issues - Not replicating & Resetting

For background, I have in around 40 separate active accounts and similar # of historic accounts. My desire is to have these registers look similarly in terms of columns, at least within an account type. I have two issues with QWIN register columns, these started in the last 6 months, if not the last 3 months.

First, the registers continuously revert to default values every time I use QWIN on one computer, then change to use it on another computer (my laptop). Yes it is on Onedrive, and no I don't always turn off Onedrive prior to using Quicken, but I'm going to give that a shot. Yes it does occur that I leave QWIN open on one or the other computer, but this is not a determinant to the problem, it occurs regardless of this situation. But for sure every time I've opened QWIN on one or the other computer it's like I get a new user screen like it's the first time I've used it (again continously). So any help on stopping the continuous reset is appreciated, I anticipate always requiring syncing for use on 2 computers due to travel.

Second issue is that once I set one register columns, QWIN does in theory offer the ability to make all other registers like this one, which works exactly 0% of the time, the button appears to have exactly 0 lines of code associated with it based on my experience. Now when you click the button it'll tell you some incredibly specific # of registries it applied that change to, but it changes exactly 0 from what I can tell. Any chance we can get that fixed would be awesome, otherwise I end up change 42 different registries every other week/day because of problem 1 above and the inability to replicate a registry once it's modified.

Thanks, Jeff

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