Invoices - Incorrect Customer Information

V R52.33. An intermittent problem occurring over the last several months. When creating an invoice I select a customer in the pull down list, it populates the BILL TO box with incorrect information. It appears to include information manually entered in the PROJ INFO box on previously created invoices. Any suggestions?


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    By default, there is no PROJ INFO box in a Customer Invoice. Have you changed the default SHIP TO address field and are now using it for a different purpose?

    Earlier this year there was a change made by the programmers with regards to the SHIP TO address field. Upon request from some customers, the SHIP TO address is now maintained in the Quicken Address Book as part of the Customer's Bill To address. Some customers really do need to maintain a Ship To address different from the Bill To address.
    Use the little pulldown button in the Ship To box to manage this new address.

    If you are using the Ship To field for something other than an address, it might be better if you inserted some $0.00 amount line items into your invoices with Description as needed for your project info.