Chase accounts not downloading properly, Getting one CC Account to work breaks a second Chase CC acc

John Nastasi
John Nastasi Member ✭✭✭

I have two different Chase credit cards in Quicken. Each account has different User Names and passwords. For some reason downloading in one account brecks the link to Chase in the second account and vice-versa. It's been driving me crazy!!!!!

Apparently Quicken linked these two CC accounts together and is visible in the password manager as two CC accounts with the same credentials.

As a last resort, and after several months of deleting the links, resetting the connections with no resolution, I tried going to Chase and I changed the user ID and passwords on both accounts. I then reestablished a Quicken/Chase connection for each CC. Miracle of all miracles, the new user name and passwords reestablished the correct link and now both CC's work. The tweo CC's are now visible in the password manager as two separate CC accounts not one as before.

Hope this helps others that may be having the same problem.

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