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HELOC account on Quicken Deluxe for Mac 7.3.2

A few years back, I created a HELOC account as a loan. It really doesn't make sense, and downloads are confusing. Can I convert this "loan" account to a credit card? That's what Quicken recommends for a HELOC. Otherwise, I understand that I need to create a new credit card account for the HELOC and delete the former HELOC "loan" account. Which works?



  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited November 10

    Yes, you can convert a Home Equity loan to a credit card. I'd suggest making a backup of your account first.

    Right click on the account in the sidebar and select Account Settings. Next to the account type there should be a "Convert To Liability" button; click on that.

    Once that's done, go back into Account Settings again. This time click on the Account Type pulldown and change "Liability" to "Credit Card".

    When I did this on a test account, it put a couple Live Adjustment transaction into the account - one that added the loan balance & one that took it back out again. You might need to tweak one or both of those transactions to get your account balance where it should be.

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