Downloaded Transactions Auto-Categorized as Transfers

Jim38@ Member ✭✭✭

Quicken continues to improve auto-renaming and auto-categorizing downloaded transactions from banks. One issue that persists: I use the transfer feature A LOT to link balance transfers between accounts (e.g. Checking to Credit Cards, Checking to Pay Pal or Venmo). Quicken is auto-categorizing my these 'transfer' transactions in my Checking account properly; however, a linked transactions is not appearing in the other account (see Checking and Venmo screenshots below).

In order to remedy this, I have to recategorize the 'transfer' transaction in my checking account to something else (i.e. Uncategorized), save it, then recategorize it again as a transfer (i.e. [Venmo]). Then a linked transactions is generated or matched in the other account.



  • Anthony Navarro

    I have had the same thing happen but I experienced it differently:

    When I sync my transactions online, getting the latest transactions if I try to link a transaction it does not show up or prompt to match the correlating transaction in the other account.

    If I then quit Quicken, restart quicken, and try it again, it prompts me with a "A matching transaction has been found" and I can link it.

    Glad I'm not the only one who had this happen… Hope it gets fixed soon!

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