Comparing Stock/Fund/ETF performance on a single graph

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Here is what I'd like to do. In the investing Portfolio I click on one of my equities/funds to bring up the "Security Detail View" window. It displays a nice Price Performance line graph. What I'd like to do is compare or overlay that graph with the graph of another equity/fund. Yes, I understand you can do this on the Investing.Quicken.Com site under my portfolio, but the problem is I track some funds for which there is not a ticker symbol. These are funds I'm invested in that are proprietary with my company. If I try More Graphing, Quicken classic does not send the data for these funds to the website. So, how can I do this in Quicken Classic or with the Investing.Quicken.Com site?


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    I think your only option would be to export the securities pricing data to Excel and do your price comparison charting there. If you wanted to try a different comparison in Quicken, you might want to consider the growth of $10,000 chart.

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