Having issues with American Express


no updates coming through on transactions for over 10 days. any suggestions?


  • UKR
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    Any error messages?

    Recommend you do this:
    If any of your AmEx credit card accounts are still showing "activated" (in Edit Account Details / Online Services tab) deactivate the accounts first.
    Now please try setting up your AmEx credit card accounts again, but use Tools / New Account to perform the process.
    When you follow instructions and get to the AmEx website showing a list of accounts be sure to click each account to give it a checkmark in the box on the left. (If you skip past this step, error "no accounts found" will be waiting for you later on)
    When back in Quicken follow instructions to activate accounts.
    In the list of accounts found be sure to "Link" accounts to their correct Quicken account registers or you will create new account registers. Yes, click on the Link button, follow the popups to ensure, e.g., card -1234 is correctly linked to Quicken register for card 1234.

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    no error messages, says updated, but no new transactions come through

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