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I've already spoke to NFCU about the issue and they have stated that Quicken will need to address the issue within in the program. I'm no longer able to use auto updates, because NFCU using Step up and Quicken prompts for the code when connecting. When will Quicken update the program to resolve this issue? As I'm sure more backs will go to this solution.



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    Hi @QSW2023,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having problems downloading from NFCU. Perhaps, if you provide us with some additional information, we may be able to help straighten things out. Please let us know:

    1. are you getting any error codes when you try to download?
    2. when did this problem start; and which version of Quicken are you currently running?
    3. NFCU has required 2 factor authorization for a couple of years now - were you able to successfully connect while using 2FA in the past, or are you new to downloading from NFCU?
    4. Are you seeing any prompts when you try to download? If so, please be specific about whet is happening when you try - but are unsuccessful - in downloading from NFCU.

    Get back to us and we'll do our best to help you.


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