Quicken sees Etrade stock plan but not the associated brokerage account

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Etrade created a brokerage account associated to my stock plan. This brokerage account is used to receive the stock dividends and reinvests them. When I tried to create my Quicken Etrade investment accounts, I was expecting Quicken to recognize two investment accounts — the stock plan and the associated brokerage account. However it only recognizes and created the stock plan and so the DRIP transactions in the brokerage account are not downloaded. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.


  • tlake
    tlake Member

    I am having maybe similar issues. My Etrade brokerage account does not download the reinvestment of the dividends and I have to go and manually download the transaction which leaves me with one extra dividend received that I have to delete.

  • cspencerjr0968

    I'm opposite of sorts, it downloads the cash of the brokerage account, but not the stock portfolio. Not sure how to fix that.

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