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Mac Classic IRR calculations appear to be Incorrect

There seems to be a problem with how Mac IRR calculations are done (on the Mac Subscription version).

If you compare Average Annual Return IRR (%) 1 year for the Account in portofolio view, the resulting IRR doesn't equal what you see in the higher level Investing portfolio view.

The differences are usually small, but not always. I came across a glaring example now that I have withdrawn funds from my account and transferred out all the cash:

If I do the IRR calc in Excel with XIRR, it can handle a balance going down to $0.

Has anyone dug into how Quicken calculates the IRR? I would imagine it should follow the XIRR function in Excel, that only looks at money (or value of securities) moving into and out of an account on specific dates and then total beginning and ending account balance, for a specified period of time.

It's frustrating that we are already limited to only 1, 3, or 5 year IRR (when Quicken Windows allows you to flexibly create reports of any time period).

Has anyone run into this problem with IRR on Mac and is there a way we can fix it?


  • To add some more information, I tried to recreate the Quicken Mac Calcs with Excel XIRR and was unsuccessful (although I'm confident I'm using XIRR correctly). Is there any information from Quicken on how they calculate IRR and whether there are limitations/assumptions that differ from a standard approach as done by Excel?