Why did my salary income disappear from reports after 2005?

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I was playing around with the new Lifetime Overview report and noticed that my salary income was not reported for the years after 2005. I looked at the specific paycheck transactions and they are all there and entered correctly. I also checked the income and expense by category report and find the same problem—the category Inc-Sal is not showing in the reports. It appears that this started with the 9/1/2005 paycheck. I don't use these reports very often since I retired, so I have no idea when the problem started. But I was hoping to gain some insights from the new report and now I don't trust any of the reports. Any ideas why the reports would suddenly stop including Inc-Sal category (and maybe others I haven't noticed?) I am using Quicken for Windows Classic Premier.



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    Did you examine any of the problem paycheck transactions in detail by opening the paycheck transaction and confirming all the category and amount split details are intact?

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    Actually, they are all exactly the same. I was working overseas, so there was no withholding—just a non-split transaction to Inc-Sal.

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    Only the programmer who wrote the new report could answer this question.
    As far as I can see it, it would depend on which categories are selected for the Regular Income column.
    If you feel like doing a quick test, change the "Inc-Sal" category and make it into a taxable category, with tax line item "W2:Salary or wages, self". Now regenerate the report and see if the numbers change.
    Either way, don't forget to undo the category change when done.

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