BECU OneStep update now affects CITI credit card download summary

148 days without a Quicken update from BECU, but I discovered an
interesting side issue. If you include BECU in the OneStep update, the
summary will also drop the CITI credit card off the list of financial
institutions updated, even though the account has updated with
additional transactions and it appears to work just fine.

Odd that the two banks would interact with OneStep update summary in this manner. If you do not include BECU in the OneStep, the CITI credit card WILL show up in the financial institutions summary. Still, it's an increditable lack of concern on someone to get this fixed. 148
days without BECU being able to interact with Quicken. When do you have anything in your life that is out of service for 148 days that you think is a good thing? Or when do you think BECU will remove that banner that says they are working on the fix?

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