Categories were changed to transfers, how do I get the original categories back? [Edited]

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The system has changed most of the categories I entered for each transaction in 2022 to [CREDIT CARD 5293]. How do I run a Category Report for 2022 with the categories I originally entered? Quicken is useless to me if I cannot do this without individually changing each renaming rule for each payee.


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    need more background info ..

    what’s on the other side of the [bracket acct] transfer transaction ?
    Is there a credit card payment involved ?

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

  • I tried a second time with phone support and got someone who seems to know how to use a backup file and update it. The backup file has all the original categories.

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    This happened to me too. All of my weekly transactions from the same vendor switched from a split category to an account transfer category. These have been weekly transactions for nearly two years and it's all gone. I have to go back to a backup file which keeps crashing so I am still dealing with trying to correct this issue. Who knows what other categories were affected that I haven't noticed yet…..

  • I asked the support tech if this was likely to happen again and she said that was above her pay grade. I'm glad I had a recent backup and could rename the corrupted accounts and link them over again to update the transactions. The first support tech I contacted and his supervisor both said the only way to fix it was transaction by transaction so I called support a second time and got someone who knew the platform.

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