Undo no longer working for "last x days" (Q Mac)

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As of the new update (7.4.1), undo no longer works on the "last x days" setting in an account register. This has always worked before. Undo still works on the "next X days". Is anyone else having this issue?


  • RickO
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    For "last x days" are you referring to the register Dates filter and for "next x days" are you referring to the display of future scheduled transactions controlled by the dropdown menu at the tiny clock icon at the top right of the register? If so, it's a bit like comparing apples and oranges. The former is a register filter and the latter is an account level setting. Subtle difference, I know.

    I don't recall if Undo previously was available for having set a filter. But the simple workaround is to click the green Clear Filters button.

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  • JoeyMaggard
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    Yes. I wasn't sure on the proper names. But I leave mine set on last 90 days. Then if I want to see a longer or shorter view, I change it and then cmd-z takes me back to my standard last 90 days view. So Clear Filters doesn't work for me. This undo has worked for as long as I remember. The last update broke this. I can workaround if I need to, but I really like using keyboard shortcuts when I can, so I hope this is a bug, not a feature. Thanks for your help.

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