Quicken Not Matching E*Trade Brokerage Accounts to Accounts in Quicken Files

James J
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Quicken Classic Premier for Windows 11, R53.16, Build


I have two brokerage accounts with ETrade. Brokerage account XX1987 is tracked in Quicken file H, which has all of our Household records. Brokerage account xx5632 is tracked in Quicken file M, which has my mom's money (which I manage for her - legally it's our money, but actually belongs to mom). For years this has worked fine. When I did one-step update in file H, it correctly pulled data only for XX1987. When I did one-step update in file M, it correctly pulled data only for xx5632.

But starting about three weeks ago, my blissful existence began to crumble - like a stale cookie. Every time I go to update data in Quicken file H, Quicken tells me "Hey, you have this brokerage xx5632, we will add this to your current file, sound good?" I say, "nope, that's my mom's money". Quicken says "ok". And it looks like I"m good. Except when I then go to my mom's Quicken file, file M, and update it, Quicken tells me it cannot pull data on the brokerage account. I have to reset the account connection, relink the my mom's brokerage account to her Quicken file M, and I'm good. Until I go back to Quicken file H, which is our Household money. Here again, Quicken gives me an error and will not download data for my brokerage account, until I link it, which then breaks the download process for my mom's brokerage account in her Quicken file.

Any ideas here? Does anyone else have a successfully updating setup with two brokerage accounts from Etrade, each linked to an account in a separate Quicken file? If so, any ideas how to make this work again?

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