problems with Vanguard brokered CDs in Quicken for Mac

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Several months ago I purchased brokered CDs in Schwab and Vanguard personal brokerage accounts.  In Quicken for Mac the Schwab CDs showed up along with all other investments in that account.  However CD purchases did not show up in the Vanguard account.

Then on Friday December 1 the CDs in Vanguard mysteriously showed up.  However Quicken did not realize they were CDs and miscalculated their market value by 100 times.  It is my understanding that bonds and CD quotes are typically for $100 purchased.  So in this case the valuation is off two orders of magnitude.  As instructed by Quicken support chat I deleted the Vanguard account on Quicken and re added but that did not help.

I manually overrode the asset class information and forced it to be a bond and that forced Quicken to properly report the market valuation.  However the total value of the account is still very incorrect by many millions of dollars.

So the good news is somebody did something on Friday, December 1, 2023 to get brokered CD valuations to download in Quicken for Mac for the first time. But the calculations are way off, most likely due to misidentification of the asset class.

Anyone else experienced this problem?  Is there any solution from Quicken or Vanguard?


  • I'm having the same problem. The Brokered CD's used to not show up in sidebar totals but as you mentioned the price is now off by 100 times so it drastically impacts the account balance in the sidebar. The account balance on the top right shows the correct balance. I tried manually correcting but it reverted when I downloaded new transactions.

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    I'm having the same issue. Government bonds are doing the same thing with exponentially inflated values.

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    Same problem here - very annoying. Hopefully there'll be a fix soon.

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    It has been over a month now and no fix yet. While I can manually go in and override the individual CD values in the evening after market close the account and sidebar values are then correct. However the next day the sidebar is incorrect again. Apparently the sidebar uses a different date or mechanism to update and I have found no way to manually fix the sidebar totals. This is really getting old and wish the problem would be addressed …….


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