CD vs Savings, View by maturity dates ?

  1. I like to see my portfolio categorized between Checkings, Savings, CDs seperatly. However it seems Quicken clubs Savings and CD as same type account.
  2. I expect my finance management tool to show CDs ordered by maturity and possibly color code (Ex: Those near expiration highlight in one color and say in Red if it is already Matured. Somehing of that type!!)

This is such a basic feature ofr anyone to get birds eye view of his/her finance !!

Any suggestions, clue if this is already a feature and i am unaware of same, can not believe this is not included.


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    QWin knows only one way to handle CDs. Each CD is a security in an investment account.

    If your CDs are in a bank as opposed to a brokerage, you will have to set up a fake brokerage account in QWin to hold your CDs. Then you can set maturity dates and get reports based on such.

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