Confusion over Migrating Business Categories (Q Mac)

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I just upgraded to Quicken Classic: Business and Personal. I'm attempting to Migrate My Business Categories as recommended, but don't understand the difference between "Merge into …" and "Change type to …" Can someone explain? Thanks


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    I think "Merge into" means that Quicken found a default Business category that appears similar to your existing category and wants to merge them; any expenses under the old category will get recategorized with the new one. "Change type to" means Quicken couldn't find a matching category so it is going to keep your old category and flag it as a business expense category.

    It's worth going through the "Change type into" categories & seeing if you can find a match that Quicken couldn't manage to find. For example, there's a "Parking fees and tolls" category under "Car and Truck Expenses" that would appear to be a good candidate for your old "Parking" category to merge into. And "Shipping" might be where your "Postage and Delivery" transactions should go.

    OTOH, you don't have to merge anything if you don't want to. You could delete all of Quicken's default Business categories and modify your existing categories to flag them as Business Usage & associate them with the proper tax form. It's up to you if you want to adapt to Quicken's categories or not.

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    Thanks, this helps!

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