Fidelity QIF Export to QFX

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I am one of the unfortunate Quicken Mac users whose Fidelity Netbenefits 401K accounts got totally corrupted this year when there were so MANY issues. One was corrupted so bad I had to create a new account and was only able to download the last 90 days of transactions (back to August). I lost 4 years of transaction data I use in annual reporting and planning for retirement. I'd like to rebuild that account history in Quicken. I looked at Fidelity and you can only download transaction history in a .qif file. I understand if you import the .qif data it has to be in a new Quicken database file. Not acceptable. I need a .qfx file to import in to a newly created Quick Account in my current database. (Am I correct here??)

My question is, if I down load my Fidelity 401K transaction history to a .qif file (or .csv, The only two formats Fidelity offers). Then covert it to a .qfx file can I import that into a new Fidelity Account file in my existing database and get my old transactions populated???

If so, what it the best qif2qfx converter to use and what is the best method or steps to take?

Thanks in advance for any help, thoughts or guidance you can offer…


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