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Daily I goto the portfolio tab. I pull two numbers into an excel file. one day gain/loss, the second is Mkt value.

What I am noticing is days later these numbers change. which tells me quicken resets some of the close numbers. Can anyone advise if this is done weekly or monthly, so I don't have to keep changing the numbers days later. I know this is a bit in the weeds, but it would help if someone could advise on the logic for capturing market closing so I can normalize these numbers. Example, Quicken pulls daily as we know, but then does a weekending refresh to update numbers or pulls a monthly refresh to update numbers. Does this question make sense?

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  • cschleter
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    I just put in a bug report for the same thing. Since the end of last week it appears that when the market is open and shortly after the market closes, quotes update correctly. If I do a manual quote update late in the evening or a OSU the next morning, about half of the quotes get applied to the previous day. I suspect it has something to do with the data their data aggregator is sending down to Quicken but since it appears there is no downloaded file that is used to update quotes I can't say for sure that that is what is happening. I hope they fix it soon - it destroys my historical prices and having to enter 20 or so prices manually every day (since there's no functionality to import quotes from an outside source) is a major pain.

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    Some of this can be explained by dividends paid or trades being made that are backdated when you download the transactions into quicken. But not all. I'm dealing with the same issue (I've started tracking daily gain/loss as a result) and most of it is likely due to an issue wherein quicken quotes are overwriting the those of the day before with current day prices, or completely incorrect prices. Its been going on, with several iterations, for at least a couple of months.

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