Entering a Negative Number In Split Window For Payment Transaction (Ex. Credit Card Refund) (Q Mac)

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I'm a longtime QWindows user coming over to QMac (Quicken Classic Deluxe v7.4.2, Build 704.51578.100, macOS 14.1.2).

In QWindows, when entering split lines for an expense I could enter negative numbers, as I would do when entering a credit card refund. QMac, however, doesn't seem to allow for that. Is there something I'm missing here?

In QWindows I would record my monthly credit card payments in Q as a total for the payment with split lines for each individual transaction: positive numbers for credit card charges and negative numbers for credit card refunds. This would bring the total amount of the transaction to the correct payment amount and it worked just fine for me for years.

In QMac, though, it makes all purchase split entries negative by default, which is fine for recording purchases but when I try to record a refund I can't seem to get it to allow me to enter a "negative" of the number it insists on storing as a negative. Thus any entries I add for refunds show as purchases and increase rather than decrease the total. I tried entering a minus sign in front of the refund amount on the split line, hoping it would treat it as the opposite of whatever it would treat a "normal" entry but no luck: still treated it as it would a purchase and added it to the total.

In short, I want to be be able to record expenses with negative numbers in the split lines to reflect refunds but where QWindows allowed me to do so by simply using a minus sign when entering the amount, QMac doesn't seem to allow me to do so.

I know there are other ways of doing this using credit card accounts but this is how I've done it, I'm comfortable with it and I'd like to be able to do so in QMac if possible. Transitioning from QWindows to QMac has given me enough headaches already, much less having to learn a whole new way or recording credit card transactions!

Many thanks to anyone who can help…

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    Credit card transactions are expenses (ie, negative) by default. If you want to include money coming back to you as part of a split that's a positive value so put a "+" in front of it.

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