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I recently added a new account and the column choices have changed. There is no longer a 'Payment' column, only a 'Withdrawal' column. Also, the 'Memo/Notes' column is in blue. Is this correct?


  • Jon
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    The columns selection is unique for each account, and the columns that are available can change depending on what type of account it is. You can click on the Columns button and customize which columns are displayed for your new account. Or, if you already have another account of the same type & want all accounts of that type to show the same columns, select the old account in the sidebar (one that looks the way you want the new account to look), click on the Columns button, and select the "Apply to all .. accounts" button (the "…" will be whatever account type is selected).

    As for the blue color, that just means your register is sorted on the Memo/Notes column. Click on a different column header to sort by that column & that one will turn blue.

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    As to the blue color of the Memo column, Jon and I are assuming you mean that the column header is blue. There's one other time the Memo field might be blue. That is if you double click on a scheduled transaction. When you do that, you can't edit the memo field directly. Instead, you need to click the Edit All Occurrences button.

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    Ok. Thanks!

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