How to download brokerage account into Quicken?

ilyaz Member ✭✭

In the past, I used the OneStep update to download all my accounts from Vanguard to the corresponding Quicken accounts on my Windows desktop PC. In the Download Center, there was an option to download each Vanguard account into the corresponding Quicken account, which I used. For years, it worked fine. However, recently Vanguard switched several of my accounts into a single brokerage account. Now in one brokerage account, I have three (3) separate accounts under the same account number: Settlement Fund, Cash Reserves Fund, and Stock Market Fund. When I try to update my Quicken accounts and download from Vanguard, there is only one option to download into a single Quicken account. As a result, the Stock Market shares go into Cash Reserves, or vice versa…

How to change the setup in Quicken to continue the OneStep update from Vanguard, but keep my Cash Reserves and Stock Market account separate in Quicken?


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