Multiple securities for same ticker symbol?

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I just transferred some fund shares from one account to another (moved to a new bank) and the descriptions for the funds are new/different, and instead of matching the ticker symbol (which is the same), Quicken created a new security for all of these funds with the new description. So now the account appears to have (2) different investments in the same ticker symbol. Very hard to reconcile. Is there a way to force it down to one security for a given ticker? Every time I download transactions it crreates "placeholder" transactions due to this inequity in descriptions.


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    You should be able to merge the securities. Open the Securities window (menu Window > Securities). Select the two funds using command-click, the click the Merge button at the bottom.

    Make sure you make a backup before proceeding in case the results don't seem correct.

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    Ah that's helpful, thanks.

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