Quicken! Get your software working before raising prices!

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I have been a Quicken user since the early 1990s and for most of that time I have been satisfied. However, in the past few months I have experienced issues with One step updating with several accounts: 1. PENFed not updating and still not updating. 2. AMEX being completely dropped and having to be synced several times. 3. Space Coast CU also having to be resynced several times.

I have also experienced "membership has expired" issues on several occasions which stopped any updates and forced me to log in over and over.

I called support about some of the issues and had a very uncomfortable experience. Upon sharing my screen with the technician, I was forced to show all my personal account data. On top of being uncomfortable with the situation, the issue was not resolved. There should be a way to hide my personal data when working to resolve an issue.

To add insult to injury, I received an email today to inform me of a price increase. I am seriously wondering why I have had to pay for months of poor service much less why to continue an annual subscription when I am not close to satisfied with the current support.

If you cannot fix these issues, you will lose a long-time customer.

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