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I try to connect my Quicken to my SoFi accounts every once in a while and I've gotten some success today. It appears as though the checking and saving accounts are downloading transactions with a few twists and turns.

With my first attempt, I linked all of my accounts and only got transactions for my checking account. It loaded a long history of transactions which matched to a lot of the reconciled transactions in my register along with a lot of old transactions that did not match. One thing I did notice is that it screws up the opening balance when it downloads so make sure you check it before you connect your account. I deleted all of the old, downloaded transactions that were reconciled but didn't match and accepted the rest.

Since I only got the checking account transactions, I deactivated the connections for my savings account and vaults and tried connecting them again. This time I got the savings transactions but nothing for the vaults. Repeated the process used for checking to get the savings account reconciled.

Finally, I deactivated the connections to my vaults and tried connecting them but did not get any transactions for any of my vaults.

The great news is that it looks like we are finally going to be able to download our SoFi transactions into Quicken for Windows. The bad news is that it is not quite there yet. I'll post an update in a few days to see if I get new transactions.


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    I am new to Sofi over the last 2 weeks. Since setting up Savings/Checking/CC, I was able to set-up all accounts in Quicken with the "Add Account" and searching Sofi. It found all three and has been downloading new transactions on them all for the past 2 weeks as I've transferred money in and made some initial purchases on the CC.

    Yesterday I created 2 vaults… today I saw the transactions come in via the savings account (one for a balance of the vault and another showing the transfer from the Savings into the vault. I then hit "add account" again, and sure enough the two vaults showed up as additional accounts to add into Quicken.

    At least for me… everything is working as I would expect from any other institution. I saw that multiple people have had issues over the past few months, but so far its been smooth for me.

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