Matching wrong check

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After downloading transactions for my checking account, Quicken matches the wrong check when there are 2 uncleared checks with the same amount. It seems to be matching the first amount and it is ignoring the check number in the downloaded transaction. Auto entry is off, version R53.32.


  • UKR
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    Where, in the downloaded transaction, does the check number appear?
    If, when looking at the Downloaded Transactions tab at the bottom of the register, the check number does actually appear in the separate "Num" column, and does not have leading zeros, Quicken should be able to match check numbers to the Check # field in the register.
    If the check number only appears as the Payee Name, e.g., "Check 1234", it won't be used for a match. You'd have to talk to the bank to make them change their downloaded data to include the separate Check number field.

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