Chase Credit sets up two accounts under one main account

jnprop Member ✭✭✭✭

We got a new business credit card from Chase. I set up an online account for it. (It was that new connection where you leave Quicken and continue the set-up) Everything went fine until I got to the account selection component. Quicken is identifying two accounts. The primary and an employee card. Weird.

So I selected the primary card holder thinking it would pick up all transactions… well it didn't. It left off the transactions that were made under the other employee card #. It displays the correct online balance though. If I select both accounts that are displayed when setting up it makes two seperate accounts which is not going to work.

I have an American Express Business card and it has cards under the main account and sets up as one account and pulls all transactions. I have personal cards with the same scenario… my card # and my spouse's card # under the same account. Only one main account is created when setting up. Any thoughts. If no fix, the only thing I can think of is I will have to manually input the transactions from the employee card which is definitely not ideal.


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