Adding new account to existing institution?

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We have several accounts (including Term Deposits) with Alterna bank Canada which we have been tracking in Quicken. We recently added a new Term Deposit with Alterna, but it is not being picked up by quicken. When I try "add accounts" , Quicken goes out to Alterna but always only sees the previously existing accounts that we had when we started Quicken.

How can we get Quicken to see that new Term Deposit?


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Try creating a new empty Quicken file and adding your Alterna accounts. If the Term Deposit account doesn't get added, it may be that account type doesn't work with Q.

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  • RnDnB
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    Thanks Robert.

    This is actually our 6th Term Deposit with Alterna (the other 5 all show up).

    I tried a new quicken file as per your suggestion, and the newly added 6th Term Deposit (along with the others) shows up, so we know it can be seen and added.

    Still no luck with it being picked up with "add accounts" to our original file though. I've tried logging in and out of Quicken before the "add" of the account…. still no luck 😐️

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