AMEX broke today!

Don Awalt
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I have 2 Amex credit cards. After downloading transactions this morning, which went fine, I noticed one of the two did not show at the bottom of the register "Online balance". The other was fine.

So I went into Account List to see if there was some setting difference between the 2 cards that would cause this. And I noticed that while the one was set to Yes (Express Web Connect+), the other no longer said the - it said No (Activate downloads). So I tried…

I got the standard screen:

Then I got the request to authorize, all normal so far:

But then, it didn't even let me type in a username/password, it just brought up this - and retry did not fix it:

I tried restarting Quicken with no luck as well. I am able to log into my americanexpress account online fine, with no problems. I did "Report a problem" too.


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    Why did it say "Signin to American Express Bank failed" when you're trying to reactivate an AmEx Credit Card?

    Try deactivating both cards, then stop and restart Quicken.
    Now use Tools / Add Account (or the "+" icon in the Account Sidebar title) to add these cards as if they were new.
    Type in American Express as the bank name and select it, not American Express Bank or any of the other choices.
    Follow the instructions. If you still get the 2nd signin failure, click Sign in to open the request in your browser and proceed. This should succeed unless you're using some extremely high security settings in your browser which keeps blocking the procedure.
    When you eventually get to the list of accounts found at the bank be sure to click the Link button for each account and select the correct account register for each of your cards.

  • Don Awalt
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    LOL I was just coming here to say I fixed it by deactivating the other card, and then adding American Express brand new, re-linking, etc. But something broke it that all of a sudden today the one card was deactivated.

    It said sign in failed as it thought it needed to reauthorize the credit cards - normally it pops over to the browser for me to login. This began when the ExpressWebConnect+ stuff started I think.

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