Issues with reconciling accounts when transactions get logged in register after the closing date

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My bank statements close at the end of the month. There are times however where transactions, as shown in the register, are later than that. Bank statement shows a specific transaction on the 30th, in quicken it may be the 1st or 2nd. I don't know why this happens.

Example: My ending statement balance is 100 dollars. But because 3 transactions ($10 each) in quicken are on the 1st, not the 30th, my ending balance shows 130. I click on reconcile and those transactions are not in the cleared column on the left in reconcile. I click on "Finish Later" so I can go back to the register and fix the issue. I then go to the register and change the dates of those transactions. When I go back to reconcile again, the updated transaction dates, now the 30th, still do not show up on the cleared list of transactions (left column in the reconcile window). I then have to again select "Finish Later, go to the register, delete the transactions, then re-enter them with a date of the 30th. Once I do this and then re-open reconcile, yes, I'm closing it, not just minimizing it, the transactions then show up in the cleared column (or the column on the left that shows all the transactions for the statement ending on the 30th)

In short, try to reconcile your account. You find there are transactions that are outside the closing date (Bank shows them on or before 30th, quicken has them after the 30th). So they don't show up in the reconcile tab. You close reconcile, go to register, change the dates. Re-open reconcile, and the transactions still don't show up in reconcile. Close reconcile, go to register, delete transactions, add transactions with correct date, reconcile now sees the transactions.

If I manually change the dates before clicking on "reconcile account" it all works.

Sounds kind of like a bug that I can't go back and edit transactions but instead have to delete and re-add

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