Treasury Bill Tracking in Quicken for Mac

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I've seen several community posts about tracking Treasury Bills. It is currently a pain with multiple manual transactions for a single sell transaction. When I enter a T-bill, I typically create a new security for each T-bill with duration, purchase date, and CUSIP as part of the security name. But this means that each bill that is part of my bond ladder of 26-week bills shows up as a separate type of security rather than all being 26-week bills.

I would like to see the following:

  1. Direct connection to Treasury Direct
  2. Explicit tracking of Treasury Bills
    1. Ability to enter CUSIP as symbol (or download directly from Treasury Direct or brokerage)
    2. Support T-bill sale transactions to include interest and return of principal
    3. Support for T-bill automatic re-investments
    4. In portfolio view, grouping of treasury bills by duration (4/8/12/17/26/52 week) so I can view how much of each type along with maturity date of each

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    I have Treasury TIPS. When I link to the my Treasury account, it connects fine and creates a Treasury account in Quicken, but it does not "bring in" my TIPs and display them. I am looking for someone who can help me bring in my TIPAS into Quicken.