Add New Optum HSA Account - Error: not your fault


I am trying to add my HSA account from Optum. I login and it says looking for accounts but then says disconnect and gives a non descript error saying "it's not your fault".

I opened a case with Support (#10780378) after 30 minutes of trying to get them to understand what I am trying to do. They still need me to do more research with them even after sending them my logs. They say they will not research offline without me and will not contact me.

One possible cause where I could use community feedback on: When I login to Optum's web site, I get prompted for which employer because I have 3 profiles from 2 employers, one previous, one current. I do not get this prompt in Quicken. If they did not implement this case then I imagine it would throw some error.

Has anyone had recent success adding an Optum HSA account in Quicken when you have multiple prior Optum accounts? Has anyone else gotten this error and what did you do to resolve it?

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