Fifth Third Multi Credit Card not Reconized


I got a new Master Card from Fifth Third Bank after the previous one had a fraudulent charge on it. This new card was not being recognized for downloading in to my Quicken Classic Deluxe account. I did not have this problem with the old card, my banker said this is the same type of card, just a different number.

I went through the Quicken chat process twice, the first time with no positive results other than able to transfer the transactions one time with export.

The second time we made a conference call to 5/3 bank and they transferred me to the Quicken person within the bank. This person said the reason the card's tractions were not being downloaded was because this is a multi card. From what I remember, a multi card can be accessed by more than one person, which feature I do not use.

The bank seems to think they do not have any card that would qualify for Quicken download.

My question is why did I not have any problems before with the old card, and is there something I or Quicken can do to remedy this situation.

Thanks for your help


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