Can't connect to Target TD Bank REDcard or even upload a file


I'm new to Quicken Classic. I've connected online accounts for a credit card and my bank to download transactions, but TD Bank will not work. I've tried the TD Web Connect, Online Banking and Credit Card options. I CAN login successfully with my credentials directly into the Target credit card website. I saw a post that said to download a transaction file and upload it into Quicken. However, when I select File, File Import, Web Connect, and select my File, nothing happens. It's supposed to prompt me to select my account to link it to, but it just brings me back to my original screen.


  • QuickUserPSP
    QuickUserPSP Member, Windows Beta Beta

    @Supie have you tried using "Target National Bank" instead of "TD Bank" for your Target RedCard? The errors you are getting is indicative of using the wrong financial institution to connect to.

  • Supie
    Supie Member

    YOU'RE AWESOME! It sounds so simple, but the back of my card says TD Bank, nothing even about Target National Bank. I even called Quicken customer support, which was no help. THANK YOU!

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