This is an on-going issue.

I am currently using Quicken Classic Deluxe Version 7.5.2 (Buil705.51955.100) macOS 14.3 on both computers.

I have automatic downloads set-up for USAA Bank, First Financial Bank, Chase Bank and SCHWAB. Everything works fine on both computer EXCEPT USAA.

USAA works fine on only 1 computer at a time. When I try to set-up the downloads on the “second” computer, it works BUT it disables the “first” computer. When I reset the “first” computer, the “second” computer is disabled.

Since the program works correctly for First Financial Bank, Chase Bank and SCHWAB, I have to assume the issue is with the USAA interface. USAA worked properly on both computers simultaneously UNTIL the logon/sign-in process to USAA was updated 6 (?) months ago.

I previously used Direct Connect but had to change to Quicken Connect. That is when the download issue started.


  • QuickUserPSP
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    @OBSOB Your issues could be a result of both files having the same dataset ID. To check this go to →Help→About Quicken. When you click on "About Quicken" hold down your Cntl+Shift keys. You then should see an information box with the Dataset ID. Do this for both files. If they are the same, I would recommend doing copy file. Go to File→Copy or Backup File→Create a Copy or Template. If you need to do this, you will need to reconnect all Online Connections to your Financial Institutions in the copied file.