If I can't reauthorize Citibank downloads until AFTER Feb. 14 as the Alert stated, what then?

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I was just alerted to the need to reauthorize my connection to my Citibank account by Feb. 14, 2024, and I won't have access to that computer or its files until after that date. Is there some reason why I can't do it whenever I next open QKN?

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  • leishirsute
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    It looks like a prompt will be issued in Quicken by Citibank when Reauthorization is needed:

    "For your security, Citibank may periodically request that you
    reauthorize your accounts in Quicken by signing in again. This may
    happen every 90 days or so.  "

    I think you have to wait for the Reauthorize prompt as I don't believe their is such a function in Quicken for an account. It seems the prompt should display prior to 2/14.

    The instructions are at: https://www.quicken.com/support/why-am-i-receiving-message-about-my-citibank-accounts?utm_source=Critical_Alert&utm_medium=email_eng&utm_campaign=EMCA02NA240207&utm_content=&utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fwww.quicken.com%2fsupport%2fwhy-am-i-receiving-message-about-my-citibank-accounts&utm_id=96692&sfmc_id=6351138&et_rid=6351138

    Do you have a Direct Connect connection?
    It seems Direct Connect connections will not be prompted to Reauthorize.

    According to to that link:

    "This change will impact all Citibank Express Web Connect accounts. It
    will not impact Direct Connect accounts.
    Business loans and mortgage
    accounts will no longer be supported after this switch. Investment
    accounts will need to be migrated to a new instance of Citibank in
    Quicken. "

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  • Corky4
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    Thank you. I believe I have a Direct Connection, but the request to reauthorize is what I have experienced in the past with other accounts so I wonder what the warning (without qualification) of a Feb. 14 deadline is all about.

  • leishirsute
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    I agree. I also have a Direct Connect for Citi and also received the email alert. Maybe it went out to all Citi accounts regardless of connection type. We shall see.

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  • Herman
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    Still have not been alerted to update my Citibank connection.

    What should I do ?

  • leishirsute
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    I have not received an alert either. I am guessing I won't get one since I am using direct connect for Citi in quicken.

    If your connection currently working?

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