I need Quicken Mac to stop adding payees from downloaded transactions

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I am very particular about my payees, I don't like them to be ugly with all caps and random numbers added. Everytime Quicken downloads transactions it adds every single new payee to the quickfill list. For example, I deleted all extra payees and added a rule with a category for Michaels (the craft store.) Then I downloaded data and now I have MICHAELS STORES 1118, MICHAELS STORES 1118-LOCATION and MICHAELS STORES 1118 LOCATION XX12/20 and several others so it takes longer and I have to scroll through them all to find what I want. I don't like quicken renaming downloaded stuff automatically either, since a lot of the times it is wrong. I just want them to leave my quickfill payees alone so that there is just ONE for me to add when I fix transactions. I want quicken to NOT try to automatically do things for me and let me add them if I want. Is there any way to stop this?


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    There are two checkboxes in the Register Settings that you'll want to look at:

    It sounds like your QuickFile Rules option is enabled. You will want to disable (uncheck) it, which will stop Quicken from automatically creating these rules. You can still create them manually either directly in the Payees & Rules Window, or from the register by clicking menu Transactions > Save QuickFill Rule with a transaction selected.

    Renaming Rules will also help your situation so that, for example "MICHAELS STORES 1118" automatically gets renamed to "Michaels". You can enable the checkbox so that Renaming Rules are created automatically when you edit the payee name, or you can create individual renaming rules in the Payees & Rules Window.

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