Downloading data from BofA US Trust Private Banking

Tkt: 10804147

If you refer to the above Tkt Number you will see I have not been able to download data for the month of January. We have tried workarounds galore with support. This morning I disconnected the five accounts and tried to reconnect via BofA as there was no link to US Trust Private Banking. I realize this is webconnect. It relinked my BofA accounts but not US Trust. I then went to US Trust website and downloaded the proper file for the accounts. It then required me to relink to my accounts in Quicken. Which I did but once again the data for January did not download however, it did change the download setting to WebConnect. When I look at the qfx file downloaded this morning, it appears to have the data there. In comparison to other months there is slightly more data than previous months which makes sense. For some reason Quicken isn't importing the data. I've talked to BofA tech and they feel it is a Quicken issue. I have the most recent update of Quicken (which I believe I did in January). I've attached this morning's download file from US Trust website.

and am wondering if it is the issue.

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