Start without opening the last used file? (Q Mac)



Is there some way to have Quicken Mac start without opening any files. I'd like to manually open the file I want.




  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Hold down the Shift key while launching Quicken. You will get a dialog asking if you want to open the last opened file. If you cancel, you will get the start fresh "Let's get started" dialog. From there, you can click menu File > Open Recent to open any recently opened file. Or you can click the Open Quicken File dialog to start a standard Mac file opening dialog.

    Another option to open the file you want it is to just double click the file (or an alias of it) in the Finder.

    And one more way, if you have the Quicken app in the dock, is to right click on it in the dock. You will see the list of recently opened files from you can select the one you want to open.

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  • jasonb885
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    Oops, didn't realize that because I've never kept it in the dock. Silly oversight.

    Can't tell if Shift works; it just hangs. But that's a different longstanding issue. Always hangs when I start it directly. Sigh.

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