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Is it just me, or are we having multiple issues with multiple banks in terms of downloading transactions? It seems multiple institutions that normally work flawlessly are several days behind. I would deactivate and reconnect, but doing that with my Credit Union results in me getting a CC-501 error trying to set up my checking account connection again.

Please offer some hope.


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    CC-501 errors from one or more banks

    Please read and follow instructions here:

    Support needs to obtain your download log files to be able to dig a little deeper to resolve this issue for you.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I have submitted log files on two occasions.

    To be clear, there are no errors when I download from my financial institutions, they just don't download transactions that have been posted for nearly a week.

    One instance is an account at my credit union. I 'deactivated' it and tried to set up online access to that account again. Doing that results in the CC-501/Not your fault error. Like I said, I have reported an issue and submitted logs 2x now.

    Also, several other institutions are now lagging several days of transactions being downloaded. My One Step Update summary shows all institutions updated, with '0 new transactions' in each of them.

    Occasionally I will have an account that lags a day or two, but usually that resolves very quickly. What is very odd this time is that it seems to be happening to all my accounts.

    Since posting this, I see in the community that there seems to be similar issues experienced by others and over multiple financial institutions.

    Hoping this resolves quickly.

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    Same problem here. It's their problem and they need to fix it.

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