Many issues with transaction downloads with R54.16

I am having multiple issues with transaction downloads. I think this may have started with the update to R54.16, but I can't be certain.

  • Capital One credit card downloads are frequently missing transactions
  • Consistent error CC-505 downloading from Elan Financial Services
  • Insists that there are no accounts at my bank (there are four)

A few weeks ago, I chatted with support at length regarding the last item. The problem was not resolved. I was asked to submit files so it could be researched, which I did. I never heard back from anyone.

This is getting annoying. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?



  • cdennett
    cdennett Member ✭✭✭

    There are at least two other large discussions concerning credit card vendors (Cap One, Chase, etc) missing transactions when doing a one step update. Usually these involve vendors and amounts that are the same as a previous transaction days before. For now I am manually entering these missing transactions when I come across them. I manually verify what was downloaded against what the web site for my cards has when I see the ending balance in Quicken is different from the downloaded ending balance.

  • andrea46
    andrea46 Member

    I am glad I found this thread. What is maddening is that I have FOUR Chase card, and three of them work apparently well, while the fourth has not downloaded transactions since November 2023… The missing transactions have no apparent common characteristics. They just do not show up in Quicken.

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