Discover does not download Money Market or IRA CD accounts on a Mac.

Jan3t Member

I am using Quicken Classic Premier, Version 7.5.2 (Build 705.51955.100) of Quicken and MacOS 14.3.1 (I just upgraded because it was failing in the prior version and thought that could be the problem. Using Quicken Connect, I am having the following problems.

First problem…automatic importing of transactions works for my credit card as well as my savings account but my IRA CD accounts are not even listed as accounts when I am given accounts to link.

Second problem…I have a separate login for a Money Market account and receive the following error when I try to "Connect Account":

An unexpected error occurred.

Please try again later.

Care Code: FDP-105

Website is temporarily unavailable

It does not matter what time of day I try and have been trying off and on for months and the problem still exists. HELP!

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