TD Bank missing transactions

Hello. I was surprised to not find any recent posts related to this topic. Or maybe it's something on my end. Anyway, I noticed within the last two weeks that not all of my transactions are downloading from TD Bank. I have 6 accounts and they will only partially update (ie. if there are 5 transactions that posted to my account on 2/15, only 1 of them will show up in Quicken).

I feel as though I have tried all the typical suggestions for solving this problem, and have went as far as to start a brand new Quicken dat file attempting to see if the problem is related to my main dat file. Same issue there. I also tried getting support via Quicken chat, but no luck there either and they suggested I call for "tier 2 support." The balances are correct, however, the only transactions that download are one for each account, and they are random and from 2023. And the next day, the balance is wrong and there are no new transactions when there should be. Just mind boggling.

It seems as though TD recently enhanced their security as it relates to Quicken, so instead of the old Direct Connect method, it's now TD Bank Web Connect.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would truly appreciate it. Thank you.

Version R54.16 - Build


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