Roth 401K Option Still Unresolved


I see several threads identifying issues I've encountered with the Roth 401K option that was added early last year. Primarily:

  1. Account type 401K not tax deferred does not show up in the dropdown menu for Roth 401K contributions.
  2. The employer contribution option is not offered when a Roth 401K option is made. If you add a $0 traditional 401K contribution so you can add a employer contribution, the "Xin" to your account is double what you entered in the employer contribution.
  3. I don't use this feature, but it seems that the tax implications of a Roth 401K may not be in alignment with IRS protocol.

I've read through numerous threads on these topics, mostly dead ends that were closed or the conversation fizzled out with no resolution even when Quicken admin were involved. After almost a year, am I the only one that feels we deserve better support and resolution to these items?


  • khg
    khg Member ✭✭✭

    I am experiencing the first issue. I was able to set up my paycheck correctly last year (early 2023) when I made some Roth contributions to my 401k, but now that I'm making them again starting in March 2024, I cannot correctly set up my paycheck because my 401k account doesn't appear when I try to set up an after-tax "Roth 401(k)" deduction.

    I can't comment on the second issue because I set up my employer matching as a separate "paycheck" each pay period. I received this advice in another post some time ago, where the goal was to be able to keep track of the contributions I made separately from those my employer made. In my regular paycheck, I don't include the employer contribution. Instead, I created a separate paycheck that only records the employer match (nothing else in it, just the employer match). I then used a different payee name so the activity would show separately in reports. For example, if my paycheck payee is "The Company" then the paycheck that records the employer match is "The Company 401(k) Match."

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