Missing Random Chase Transactions - very frustrating

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Quicken for MAC have again started missing random transactions for Chase - both checking accounts and credit card accounts. It will correctly display all transactions except missing 1 random transaction. I can clearly see the transaction in the bank's website (not pending). Sometime refresh for selected account fixed it, sometime it doesn't. Even in credit card accounts with only <10 transactions per month, it would randomly miss 1 transaction.

It is extremely frustrating and time consuming to find the transaction quicken missed, and from my search this is an ongoing persistent problem with Quicken and Chase.

The foundation and use case for Quicken is its ability to accurately download transactions from accounts, I cannot understand why Quicken continues not be able to do this correctly especially for banks as popular as chase. The dev team needs to stop wasting resources on making fancy new features no-one cares about and fix this core issue

  1. Give user ability to completely delete and re-download all transaction for a given account based on user selected start date (ie delete and redownload all transaction for last 2 months)
  2. Let the user view the raw file downloaded from Chase/Account directly from Quicken UI as a text file, then at least we can know if the missing data is due to an issue with the raw file itself or problems with the translation layer between the raw file and quicken UI
  3. Setup daily connection monitor for at least the popular accounts like chase, where you will perform daily validation by downloading from your test chase account and auto verify the transactions are all downloaded correctly, instead of waiting on users to report the issues.

I dont care for all the fancy useless features Quicken keeps adding, just want a stable version that can download my transactions accurately. That and the existing basic reports are more than enough to cover the budget analysis needs.


  • Randinga
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    I'm having the same issues with Chase. I second this.

  • allyw
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    It’s not just Chase. I’ve been having this same problem for weeks for TD Bank, Discover, and Capital One.

  • Same expereince but with my bank and sometimes Citibank.

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